Solutions for 5G Communication

Application of bonotec adhesive:

UV series:5015UV-G 505UV 5050UV
Epoxy single component series:4000I 4006I
42X-2A60/series 2B60
UV series
●For the pre fixing of metal / glass
●Low shrinkage
●Good bonding effect
Epoxy single component series
●It is suitable for the structural protection of photoelectric devices and has good bonding effect on plastic / stainless steel.
●Low shrinkage
Low water absorption, suitable for device reinforcement and moisture-proof.
●Pass the reliability test of double 85, high and low temperature cycle, etc.


Application: heat conduction of high power in different packaging forms
●One component conductive silver glue
●Good adhesion to stainless steel and stainless steel
●Thermal conductivity≥2.5 W/m·K
●Through reliability test of double 85, TC, mechanical vibration and frequency conversion vibratio




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